Details for our studios and office.


Phone a studio;

  • This is our main office & studios

    Phone: 01708 503 113

    Our Address 
    Room 121003, “Cornwall Suite”
    Queen’s Hospital, Rom Valley Way,
    Romford, Essex  RM7 0AG

    Where are we in Queen’s Hospital?

    Our studios are located on the first floor in the foyer;

    • Head up the escalator, follow the walkway round slightly until it opens onto the balcony.
    • You’ll see a Bedrock Logo above some double doors in-front of you –  Proceed through.
    • Our office is the at the end on the right.
    • Once at the studios press the door bell, or knock on the door! 


  • Our second site – Studio only.

    Phone: 0208 215 86 20.

    Where are we in Goodmayes Hospital?

    Our studios are located in the old Goodmayes Hospital building.

    • Walk into the reception of the old building.
    • Follow the corridor, at the end turn left, then right.
    • Follow the second corridor through to the service area, then look for a Bedrock Logo.
    • Once at the studios press the door bell, or knock on the door! 


Please Note:

  • We only accept airplay request BY POST so if you are a Musician, Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer, or Music Label and you would like airplay use the above address – Your emails are marked as spam by our system!
  • Contacting us for Work Experience or placements, please read: Experience
  • We do NOT maintain or operate the Bedside TV system at Queen’s Hosptial, Please contact  BHR Hospitals Trust.
  • For comments & complaints about Bedrock either On-Air or Off, please contact