The Invisible Man Review

Trick or treat? The Queens Theatre, Hornchurch has just released a new production, The Invisible Man is loaded tricks and illusions to create the effect of him disappearing. The spooktacular is a real visual spectacular creating the appearance of the invisible man. The stage is host to many illusions and effects including things moving without human touch, in fact the show was full of magical moments.

The original story was written by H.G Wells “the Godfather of science fiction” and quite the futurologist. The production was adapted by Clam Garrity who incorporated the ideas from John Bulleid, magic consultant.
The story unfolds about Doctor Jack Griffin who is researching a drug, discovers the secret to becoming invisible. Griffin (Mathew Spencer) literally puts his heart and soul into his performance. He was very gripping. His character develops throughout the story and this is demonstrated. Griffin, determind to get his scientific experiment off the ground and would l stop at nothing. He needed to figure out how to change a body’s refractive index to become invisible. Once achieved he would have to protect his findings as his secret could be something of real financial gain, but it is hard for him to take his developments forward. He is invisible and therefore has some limitations. Once Griffin had successfully carried out his experiment he failed to reverse it. This left him frustrated and violent character on a down wood spiral. Lucy (Eleanor Wyld) , his girlfriend tried to support him but his mind was only focused on his project nothing could make him see sense, with bad repercussions.

Mrs Hall (Sophie Duval) owner of the coach house where he stayed for a while, could not put her finger on this man wrapped in bandages, she was suspicious but greedy. The rent he paid would keep her from causing him trouble. Doctor Kemp (Paul McEwan) Once a friend and an acquaintance but he began seeing his violent ways and wanted no part it in. All the cast were terrific in creating this show.
The costumes enriched the period of the 19th century. The show features music and singing, humor which I think played down the horror aspect of the story. The show is best suited for those over 11 years.  The illusions were incredible.

I enjoyed going ‘back to the future’ with this sci fi classic, something different at the theatre.  Watching a man become invisible right before my eyes was genius and magical. A real halloween treat!

Showing until 18th November 2017. or Call 01708 443333 for tickets


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