Once review


Once, is a new production currently showing at the Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch.  The production has been co- produced with the New Wolsey Theatre, initially opening in Ipswich. 

It is a musical set in modern times in Ireland.  The play has been adapted from the popular film released in 2007. 

It tells the story of a Czech immigrant played by Emma Lucia and street musician played by Daniel Healy.  The show begins with a chance meeting on the streets of Dublin, where curiosity and friendship were blossoming   instantaneously.  As the production progresses it becomes clear they both share an enormous passion for music.  This drama explores friendships with a twist of romance leaving the audience wondering whether it will blossom or not.  The musical numbers link the scenes beautifully and naturally.  She quickly picks up that he could do with a friend at that point in his life, and she sets about helping him with his music career.  My favourite moment was when he asks her if she loves her husband and she cleverly responded in Czech, with subtitles provided.  That was a perfect tender moment. 

The show weaved in and out of beautiful singing performances from the cast.  The musicians were incredible coming together sharing their love of music.  Emma Lucia had the voice of an angel, I was left with goose bumps every time she sang.    

The musical was written and directed by John Carney.  Daniel Healy has an impressive back ground one of his achievements was as the under study for this character in the West End production. 

The show has a highly talented cast featuring some beautiful songs including the big hit ‘Falling slowly’. 

Once is an inspiring story about following your heart and living your life – a show not to be missed in my opinion.

For more information contact the theatre on www.queens-theatre.co.uk or call 01708 443333


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