The Crucible review

A brand new production  showing at the Queens Theatre, Hornchurch, directed by Douglas Rintoul.

The girls initially caught dancing in the woods spark off a terrifying allegations of withcraft.

The cast were incredible, Eoin Slattery, who played John Proctor delivered my favourite performance, devoted honest husband.  His character showed great strength.  Another very strong role was the  judge.  Mr  Hawthorne, played by Patrick Mckenzie.  Many of the characters were demonstrating despair as there loved ones faced the death penalty if their activities could not be proven as not supporting witch-craft.  The pain and sadness and despair was unmeasurable.

Victoria Yeates, Elizabeth Proctor in the production, loyal, cold but convincing in her fight for life.

This chiiling production is recommended suitable for children aged 12 years and over.

It was written by Arthur Miller in 1953, one of his most memorable of his collection.

It was a very intense drama exploring themes that are significant today.  Attempts to change the status quo going  unheard just like voices of the actors within the play.  The highly gripping tragdey of the story was set around much research Miller incorporated.  The story slowely unravels the witch-hunt within the small community.  It was almost justifiable that it was carried out in order to keep the community safe but by eliminating significant community members seemed unreal with detrimental consequences.

An interesting production, something very different from what I have ever seen before, a production of great drama, a true fight for survival until the bitter end.

Review by Annette Gregory

The show is running until 11th March 2017.  call the box office on 01708 443333



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