The Ladykillers Review

The Ladykillers, a hilarious new production showing now at the Queens theatre, Hornchurch.  Written by Graham Linehan and directed by Peter Rowe.

A brilliant farce set in the 1950’s tells a story about a little old lady who takes on a new lodger, Professor Marcus.  Little did she know he was a conniving crook lying through his nose to cover up his plan.  Mrs Wilberforce is quickly introduced to his musician friends despite the farce they put on she believes them when they say they are rehearsing in the professor’s room.  The devious team use records to help their cause, while the little old lady is none the wiser.   As the plot unfolds so does the crazy capers.

The timing of all the jokes and gags was impeccable.  The set was stunning and warmly inviting.  Most of the scenes are taking place inside the house however the rooftops scenes, lighting and sounds were very clever at setting the ambience of the train station.

Ann Penfold (Mrs Wiberforce)  highly talented actress.  Innocent in character especially with One Round played by Damian Williams.  His character reminded me of Oliver Hardy, with him as Hardy.  His ability to be dumb was effortless, he was so funny and engaging.  Steven Elliot, the Professor delivered some great moments throughout.  Another one of my favorite cast members was Sam Lupton delivering many funny and extravagant scenes leaving the audience laughing out loud.

A top scene was when the musicians got the opportunity to perform together, it was musical mayhem brought tears to my eyes with laughter.

The production is well worth a visit, It was warm and funny and exhilarating. Give the box office a call on 01708 443333 runs until 21 October 2017.

Review by Annette Flewitt


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