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Post: Printer Cartridge Collection.

Printer Cartridge Collection.

You can help raise funds for Bedrock, by donating your used printer cartridge!

Not only will you help make our planet that little bit better by helping recycle your printer consumables, you are also helping a local charity raise funds. for every cartridge that’s recycled, Bedrock can receive updonate cartidgeto 60p per cartridge.

We are currently accepting donations of inkjet & toner cartridges, it doesn’t matter what make or model of printer you have, just ensure the cartridges isn’t damaged.

The money generated from the printer cartridges helps towards the running costs of our FREE radio service, and helps pay for paper needed for the request slips allowing staff and patients to interact with their in-house hospital radio.

If you have any used printer cartridges then please drop them off at our studio at the Queen’s Hospital, Romford. alternatively we can arrange for local collections, see our Contact for our phone number.


Raise money for Bedrock & reduce the amount of Cartridges going to landfill!


Thank you to the following for the continual donation of cartridges. 
  • Premier Work Support, Romford.
  • Tony Levoi Vauxhall, Romford.
  • Mawney Medical Centre