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Post: Abigail’s Party Review

Abigail’s Party Review

There is a brand new production at the Queens Theatre, Hornchurch.  Abigail’s Party running until the 22 September 2018.

It’s the mid-seventies and Abigail is having a party.  But that is not where all the action takes place, that would be just across the road where Beverley has a gathering underway. She has round her impressive house, Abigail’s mum Sue, and a young couple, all caught between Beverley and her husband Lawrence’s rising tensions. They may have only been married for three years, but it’s definitely not a blissful partnership. Set in my hometown of Romford, Mike Leigh’s classic play of love, relationships and aspirations is once again brought to life with great writing, direction and a top cast.

There is plenty of humour that hits the mark in this comedy, as it gradually unwinds to reach its sting in the tail, exploring fitting social themes along the way. You can feel the seventies atmosphere and set nicely, helped by an enjoyable string of relevant pop culture references and plenty of smoking. I enjoyed various juxtapositions within the narrative, such as how the gathering is so concerned if Abigail is OK at her party, yet it’s their little party they should really be worried about! Overall, I definitely recommend going to see Abigail’s Party for an entertaining character and social study that tells a story with points as relevant today as they were back in the 1970’s.

By Ben Stuart

For information or tickets call the box office on: 01708 443333