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Jon is one our newest volunteers at Bedrock, and has a real passion of helping the local community. Jon has a very wide taste in music and is a massive Michael Jackson fan with Billie Jean being his favourite song of all time. In his spare time Jon is a family man and loves spending time with this wife and children which keeps him very busy. But he recently has written a song that the singer Angie Brown has said she would like to record. Jon enjoys being part of the Bedrock Team, and says it is a "huge achievement" that Hospital Radio has been going in the local area for over 50 years!

Jon Good

Studio Sessions with Connor Crouchman

Singing live in the studio on 19th June will be another young talented local artist, Connor Crouchman. He was on the show before a few months ago, and impressed us then with his charm and charisma, a young Michael bublé in the making i reckon