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Bedrock GOLD


Below are some the wonderful people that host shows daily shows on Bedrock Gold 
To find out when they are on-air, take a look at the schedule!

Ken Anton

Sunnyside Of The Street

Ken plays us some great time oldies to continue our morning, stretching back 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, Join Ken at 9:00 am weekdays.

Bob Francis

Vintage Gold Classics 
Rocket Man Roberts 

Bob’s show will bring back memories of days gone by and is sure to uplift your spirit. The show is in segments, so you are never very far away from your favorite time period.

Ian Messum

Evening Show

Ian continues the Great Memories and Classic hits in the evening with his six 60’s at six plus his brainteasers, and smooth selection of soul music. 

Join Ian weekdays from 6:00 pm.

Richard Smith

A to Z of Pop

Richard takes an in-depth look at one particular artist or group every weekday evening from 9pm. 
Full of facts, figures and hits all from his ‘Big Book Of Knowladge’

Peter Grogen

Best of British Classical Music

After a long day, unwind with Peter and his vast collection of Classical music. Weekday evenings from 11:00 pm.

Chris Deighton

60s Stack

Chris has a fondness for music of the 60s, he shares this with you Saturday afternoons on Bedrock Gold

Geoff Foster

Sunday Lunch

Enjoy Great Memories & Classic Hits over your Sunday Roast.
Geoff even throws some great 50’s hits in too! 

Mathew Watson

Classic Rock Show

Sundays is where you’ll find Mat as he indulges in an hour of the finest classic rock at 6pm.

Ian Wallace

Rock & Roll Show 

Country Classics

Love Songs

Ian has an hour of them great Rock & Roll tracks.
An hour of finest Country music.
and on weekends a hour of Love Songs, each show he hand picks the songs especially for you. 


Jim Simpson

The Vintage Years

Taking a look back at the Golden Years of radio. 
Jim has loads of facts and information about the music he plays. Join him Tuesdays 10pm

Dominic Arkwright

Health Today Radio

Health Today Radio, a show hosted by Dominic Arkwright for the NHS choices. Each week, Dominic chats with experts and celebrities about various health and lifestyle topics. 

Keith Collins

Forever Young

On Friday evenings, Keith brings us Forever Young, playing songs from the past, plus he may throw in a newer song to spice things up on a Friday!

Bedrock GOLD

Public Holidays

Occasionally over public holidays you’ll hear a range of different presenters hosting specalist programmes across the Bedrock Radio Network!