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Funded by donations.

Bedrock Radio is a registered charity (1180476), run entirely by local volunteers who give their time generously. We are funded by donations from the general public and local companies, we achieve this by hosting local events, or arranging collections in the local area.

Bedrock Radio is funded by donations from the public, along with sponsorship and advertising from local businesses, we achieve this by hosting local events, or arranging collections in the local area and through on-air sponsorship.

We are thankful for all the support and generosity from the community that plays a vital role in helping Bedrock Radio to keep broadcasting to hospitals across East London and the wider health community. 

Bedrock Radio receives no financial support from the NHS.
We are independent from the hospital charities too. While others do their own good work in improving other areas of the hospital, they generally don’t provide ongoing funds to maintain or support  patient entertainment systems. 

Across the health community, patients, staff and local people make Bedrock Radio part of their day.
Listening in hospital, at home, at work or on the go.
Bedrock is available in local hospitals, online, smart speakers and the Bedrock Radio App.
Playing Your Healthy Music Mix, all day, every day, and in 2024 we’re making listening even easier by launching on 
DAB+ Digital Radio across for North East London & South West Essex. 

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Bedrock Radio launches on DAB+ Digital Radio next year! 
We have been awarded a licence by Ofcom and we’re just waiting for the transmitter operator to launch sometime in 2024.

As part of our DAB coverage, Bedrock Radio will be launching a new range of sponsorship and advertising packages.

Our packages are intended to be affordable, Bedrock has no paid staff, meaning your support helps us cover our broadcasting fees, It’s our intention to offer affordable advertising, allowing local businesses to reach listeners across North East London & South West Essex. 

Bedrock Radio is a registered charity, a non-profit organisation, all of our income is invested into running our radio service, paying our broadcasting fees and general maintenance. 

We offer competitive rates offering excellent value, allow you to support our charity, and help us in making people feel better across the community.

Sponsorships over £600 may have the opportunity to take Full Corporate Membership
Your business could be a voting member of our charity!

Fundraising Your Way.

Put the FUN into Fundraising
Host your own event, take on a challenge or turn your interests into funds for the Bedrock Radio.

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Inclusive Bedside Radios

We're making Hospital Radio more accessible to more patients.

Bedrock Radio are working on two projects to bring hospital radio to more patients across East London.

We're working with NELFT to bring Hospital Radio to Meadow Court rehabilitation unit, consisting of three wards and day rooms. We want to install a bespoke radio system into each room to keep patients entertained & connected.

At Queen's Hospital, we're developing new, easy to use bedside radio for patients. Our inclusive solution will become available in all wards. Allowing patients to listen longer, regardless if they own a personal smartphone or tablet device.

Help us by funding a speaker, or a radio unit!
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For The Community, By The Community.

Bedrock Radio is a small charity run radio station, our objective include; providing relief of sickness, poor health and old age and advancement of health through the promotion of the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle & having good personal mental and physical health for the public benefit.

Unlike local & national broadcaster we're run by volunteers, all who come from the local area, helping to run the charity & provide radio programmes for people in the local area. We really do appreciate any support we receive from individuals and the companies in the community.