Information about our charity 

Bedrock Radio is:

Charitable Status.

As of October 2018 Bedrock Radio became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (No. 1180476) we abide to a Governing Document; Bedrock Radio Constitution

The objects of the CIO are:

(1) The relief of sickness, poor health and old age amongst people living in East London, South Essex and immediate surround areas, by providing a local broadcasting service for hospitals, residential homes and similar institutions, and for patients receiving community care; and

(2) the advancement of health and prevention or relief of sickness for the public benefit through the promotion of the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, and the importance of maintaining good personal mental and physical health by (mainly, but not exclusively) the means of broadcasting health education messages to people living in East London, South Essex and immediate surround areas.

Ofcom Key Commitment.

In 2024 Bedrock Radio join a small scale DAB+ multiplex, as a Community Digital Sound Programme (C-DSP) licence holder with Ofcom.

Service Area: North East London, South West Essex.

Our charcter of service:

Bedrock Radio is a radio service intended to serve people using healthcare services, and healthcare staff.

Targeting those with sickness, poor health and long term conditions, who are users of health services such as: hospitals, units, clinics, residential homes and similar institutions and for patients receiving community care, in East London and South Essex

Annual Report

As a registered charity our reports are available to the public.
Annual Reports are filed with the Charity Commission.

Annual Report

The Trustees of Bedrock Radio are:

The CIO identifies where desired skills required to fulfil a role and keep the charity operational.
The members of the CIO vote on individuals who have put themselves forward for election as a Trustee. 

On Air


The creator of any photographs, video or sound recordings made of any programme in the studio suite automatically relinquishs, all and any copyright of photographs, recordings, or other artistic creations, produced for Bedrock Radio unless it is specifically agreed by the Trustees prior to the production. 

If you wish to use other parts of the building this must be cleared with the respective NHS Trusts & Landlords. 

Creative Commons Licence

Trustees can grant various levels Creative Commons Licences upon request.Creative Commons License

For more information on any policy please contact us