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Bedrock Radio


Ways To Listen

Wherever you are you can listen to Your Healthy Music Mix.


To listen online, press the Listen Live button at the top of the page to open the web-player. 

The player opens in a new windows, from the players menu you can choose between
Bedrock Radio and Bedrock Radio Goodmayes.


Download the Bedrock Radio mobile app for from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

In our app, you can change from Bedrock Radio, Bedrock Radio Goodmayes and Bedrock Gold from the main menu. 

You can also see current; News, Weather, Travel or listen to our Podcasts.

Download iOS app iPhone / iPad App 

Download Android App phone / tablet

Other Smartphones:

Download either the MyTuner or TuneIn Radio Apps to listen, or listen via the website.

Smart Speakers

We can be found on most WiFi Radios & Smart Speakers.

You may need to enable the skills / services for  MyTuner or TuneIn radio services.
Once enabled say one of the following commands: 

“Alexa, Play Bedrock Radio”
“OK Google, Play Bedrock Radio”
“Hay Siri, Play Radio Station, Bedrock Radio” 

Sonos: Select ‘Radio by Tune In‘, use the search bar (top right) and search ‘Bedrock Radio  double click on the Bedrock Radio station you want to listen to and we’ll start playing. 
You can then save us as a favourite station to get listening quickly next time. 

In Car

If your car comes equipped with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto you can can smartphone to your car & listen to Bedrock Radio and Bedrock Radio Goodmayes via the TuneIn

Some newer models of cars come with online connectivity and internet radio built-in. 
Make sure to save us in your favourites. 

Queen’s Hospital 
& King George Hosptial (BHRUT)

Patients and staff should devices to NHS-WiFi.
(Settings > WiFi > Connect to NHS WiFi > Accept T&Cs)

Download the Bedrock Radio App for Apple & Android devices, launch the app to to listen to Bedrock Radio or Bedrock Gold using the Free NHS-WiFi.

At Queen’s Hospital:
Bedrock Radio
is played throughout the Food Court.

Radio Tablets Trial

From June 2019. Patients in MRU ward at Queen’s Hospital are able to listen to Bedrock Radio.
The Radio Tablets load the Bedrock Radio App, please ask a member of staff to listen to the Hospital Radio. 

Goodmayes Hospital 
& NELFT Sites

Patients at Goodmayes can hear
Bedrock Radio Goodmayes via speakers in communal areas, such as dining rooms and lounges (wards do vary).

Staff can also listen via the speakers in the Staff Bases where available. 

Alternatively download the Free Bedrock Radio App for Apple & Android devices to listen to Bedrock Radio Goodmayes and Bedrock Gold using the Free NHS-WiFi.

At selected times our Goodmayes fees will broadcast different programmes especially for NELFT sites. 
Check the Schedule

Local NHS Clinics / CCGs
& GP Practice 

Wherever NHS-WiFi is available.

Patients and staff should connect their devices to the free NHS-WiFi.
(Settings > WiFi > Connect to NHS WiFi > Accept T&Cs)

Download the Bedrock Radio Mobile App from Apple & Android app stores.

In app, you can change between Bedrock Radio, Bedrock Radio Goodmayes and Bedrock Gold from the app menu. 

You can listen using the Free NHS-WiFi.

About NHS WiFi

If you have any difficulty setting up your device, please contact WiFiSPARK. NHS staff & Bedrock Radio Volunteers are unable to support you with setting up your devices.

Listen again to interviews and more!

Listen Again to a Bedrock Radio Podcast. We feature our most recent interviews, studio guests and specialist events – Subscribe to Podcasts.​

Listening to Bedrock Radio via Mobile & WiFi.

A good quality 3G / 4G / 5G / WiFi signal is recommended for the best listening experience.
A poor mobile signal, or services less than two bars of 3G (GRPS / EDGE) may result in loading problems on the app, and you may not be able to connect to the live streams.

Using your mobile phone data to listen to the radio uses data allowances, if you exceed your data allowance, your mobile operator may charge you for each extra MB used, you can check your data allowances with your mobile operator.

You can use your own WiFi (or other unlimited WiFi services) for as long as you like, this does not affect your mobile phone data allowance.
When listening on WiFi, we recommend a minimum connection speed of 2Mpbs some connections are subject to fair use policy, check with the provider.