Bedrock BOOKS

In January 2010, we started Bedrock BOOKS, which visits the wards at Queens Hospital throughout the week.

We have a wide variety of soft-back books, for all ages and tastes. Readers have the option to make a suggested donation of £1.00.
During the Covid pandemic, our service took a hiatus, In 2024 we are pleased to say we are able to restart this much loved service.

How Bedrock Books Works.

We only stock softback books, our books are often donated and are therefore checked by our volunteers to ensure they are in good condition, all book covers are cleaned with antibacterial wipes before joining our ‘library’.

Bedrock keeps a very limited stock of books, these are usually narrowed down to patient’s favourite genera, the most popular choices for ladies are often romance & thrillers (Mills & Boon, Danielle Steel, 50 Shades), and men enjoy detective & sci-fi (Lee Child, James Patterson, Ian Fleming)
Both will ready the occasional biography too! 

Our Bedrock Books volunteers visit the wards a during the week using our distinctive green Bedrock Books trolley with four shelves full of books.

There are no limits to how many books you want to read. All we ask for a suggested donation of £1.00, but you are welcome to donate more (we accept cash & card – but are unable to provide change). 

If you finish with the book during your stay, feel free to donate it back to Bedrock Books before you leave, otherwise it is yours to keep. 

As far as we know, we’re the only Hospital Radio station in the UK that operates our own book services. Bedrock providing a different form of entertainment for patients, we know not everyone wants to pay for the Premium Wi-Fi services, or maybe able to access our radio service, depending on their location in the Hospital. 

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Some things to note: