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Health & Hospital Broadcaster for East London & South Essex.
A registered charity, run by volunteers.


Become a volunteer of Bedrock Radio.

Bedrock Radio is run entirely by a volunteer membership. 
Our whole team share a common objective in helping relieve the effects of pain and illness and promoting the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle for the public benefit.  Our community hospital radio service is an exciting place to develop communication skills, meeting new people and rising to the challenge of fundraising to keep us on-air. 

All we ask is that you can help us fulfil our objectives

How Can I help

Our objective is simple

We provide a community broadcasting service that focuses on health and well-being for people living across North East London and South Essex.
We aim to provide relief of sickness, poor health and old age amongst patients across: Queen's, King George, Goodmayes and Whipps Cross hospitals, plus outreach to residential homes and similar institutions, and for patients receiving community care.

Bedrock Volunteers receive award from BHR Hospitals Trust
For The Community.

Working with our community to promote the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, and the importance of maintaining a good personal mental and physical health, helping make our community a better, safer and healthier place to be.

What skills do I need?

You will receive all the training you need to become an integral part of the hospital radio team.

You will be introduced to the equipment and procedures of the hospital & studios, such as infection control techniques & what to do if things go wrong. 

Should you wish to progress to become a presenter, you’ll be trained in presentation techniques and on the technical equipment in the studio.
You’ll also have the opportunity to learn and practice all sorts of other skills, from fundraising to setting up outside broadcast events, and from interviewing to management and committee work

We have help guides so volunteers can learn at their own pace. 

Work Experience

We DO NOT offer work experience placements of any kind.
Due to not having regular members of staff on-site during the daytime, our hours of operation are unsuitable for the bodies that issue work experience placements. However, you could volunteer with us more long-term to help develop your skills.

Our Roles.

Visit the wards of the hospitals we serve, befriending and chatting with patients and staff, to collect  collecting song requests / dedications.

Plus helping them get tuned into our stations, reporting any problems with our ward radios / speakers our our engineering team.

Help us pay the bills!

Running a radio service isn’t cheap!
(It costs around £4000 a year!)

Help us plan and manage events to raise funds!

Events range from ‘Tin Shake’ Collections at supermarkets, sponsored walks to running stalls at fetes –  You could be hosting the next Bedrock Quiz! 

To help keep the radio on-air, You could help secure advertising and sponsorship, and seek out grants!

You can also help promote the station across the community getting more people to listen in, from giving out magazines to hosting our games stalls on a Bedrock Roadshow!

Presenters are the voices of our radio service! 

They present programmes, record interviews, some get involved with our local news bulletins and create podcasts.

We want our presenters personalties to shine through to entertain listeners while playing the Healthiest Music Mix for East London & South Essex.

Hidden behind the scenes is our unsung hero’s – Our engineers! 

Depending on your technical knowhow, you could help us repair our Ward Radios to keep them working for patients.

Set up Bedrock Roadshows for Outside Broadcasts! 

Or get more hands on with our Head of Engineering to learn how to keep us broadcasting when things go wrong!

Who oversee the day-to-day operations of the whole charity.

They make the decisions about how things are run, they build and maintain relationships with various stakeholders, authorities, volunteers and businesses to grow the charity.

From planning events, overseeing day to day spending, overseeing programming output, promoting the charity, recruiting volunteers. 

Elected by the membership to hold a post for a three year period, Trustees can make a real difference to the direction of the whole charity. 

  • Bedrock Radio is a Registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) No. 1180476. Registered with the Charity Commission for England & Wales. 
  • All Volunteers MUST undergo a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) Check, plus an Occupational Health Clearance this is a requirement of BHRUT & NELFT NHS Trusts. 
  • There are different levels of membership of the Charity, Full membership of the CIO is subject to an annual membership fee.
  • None of our Volunteers are paid. This include Trustees. 
  • All volunteer members are able to voice their opinions & share ideas to benefit the running of the charity.  
  • Successful Applicants will be invited in for interviews and training sessions. Failure to attended these without notice may result in termination of membership to the CIO.
  • Read more: Information On Volunteering 

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