Bedrock Radio



Funded by donations

Bedrock Radio is a registered charity (1180476) run entirely by local volunteers who give their time generously to run our Community Health & Hospital Radio service for people and health services in Havering, Barking & Dagenham and Redbridge.

We receive no financial support from the Government or the NHS. 

Bedrock Radio is funded by donations from the general public and local companies, we achieve this by hosting local events, or arranging collections in the local area.

Why donate to Bedrock Radio?

  • We are a Community Health & Hospital Radio Broadcaster.
    Broadcasting to patients of Queen’s, King George & Goodmayes Hospitals.
  • We aim to make patients stay in hospital better, by broadcasting dedicated hospital focused radio programmes and visiting patients on the wards.
  • We receive no income from the Government or NHS - We are totally independent & self-funding through donations & sponsorship.
  • We are run entirely by a team of volunteers, who give their time generously to visit patients & produce shows and raise awareness.

Benefits to Supporting Bedrock Radio

  • You’re supporting a small independent local charity. None of our volunteers are paid, so you are not lining some CEOs or department heads pockets unlike other chairties.
  • The funds raised from your support enables us to keep on-air, entertaining patients across our local hospitals, plus continue outreaching to our community about benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
  • You will be supporting our volunteers who are from the local community, helping boost their communication skills and making them feel part of a fantastic team boosting their social confidence.
  • Are you a business? It boosts your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by embracing a positive impact through the community. Our listeners will learn about your business through your support of Bedrock Radio

Support us

Exclusive sponsorship of a specialist show:

2x Sponsor Credit (20 seconds) Per hour of show.

1x Credit featured show promo (Played through the week)
Logo + Link included on website

From £20 pcm

Exclusive daily sponsorship of weekday shows;

2x Sponsor Credit (20 seconds) Per Hour of show.

1x Credit featured show promo (Played through the week) Logo + Link included on website.

From £50 pcm

Exclusive sponsorship of our online listening outputs

1x sponsor credit played on-air 10x a day.

Plus sponsor credit played in-app.
Logo + Link included on website + players

£600 per year

We arrange and host a number of events, we are always looking for commercials partners to help support our events.

We also attend a number of fetes and community events through the year, help us cover the costs
and we can help by promoting your product!


Sponsorships over £600 may have the opportunity to take Full Corporate Membership
Your business could be a voting member of our charity!

Put the FUN into Fundraising by organising your own fundraising activities on behalf of us.

Encourage your colleagues to come into work dressed as their favorite music icon, or something festive for a donation to Bedrock Radio

Sell some fabulous fairy cakes, beautiful brownies or get creative with the carrot cake.

Get some naught or nice treats and make a donation to Bedrock Radio.

Have our volunteers come down with our collection buckets to collect & interact with your customers for a day. 
We can even provide some background music for the day!

Take a walk with Bedrock Bear – ideal for a sunny day!
We can even provide sponsorship templates

For the sporty.

Challenge your management to a football match (or a sport of your choice)
Raise funds by selling tickets for the day, or perhaps an office sweepstake to boost your donation!

Pick Bedrock Radio as your chosen charity.
Our team would love to work with you!

  • Hospital patients & staff, care homes, the wider local community.
  • Hospital broadcasting is unique, we get heard by many people due to high patient turnover.
  • Bedrock volunteers visit the wards regularly to encourage patents & staff to request songs.

Want to get involved?