Bedrock Radio

Project 1

Queen's Hospital; WiFi Radio Project

Project 2

Meadow Court; Hospital Radio


Queen's Hospital - WiFi Ward Radio Project

Restoring Bedside Radios

We are developing a solution to restore patient entertainment back to the wards of Queen's Hospital, Romford. Re-utilising the dormant cabling from the defunct paid TV System.

Working with local companies & Patient Experience at BHR Hospitals we're developing a solution that intuitive by design, ensuring ease of use for patients & staff.

Most importantly our radio project is inclusive, allowing all patients to listen across Queen's Hospital, regardless if they own a smart phone or tablet.

Project Timeline

Disused Cabling
Tablet Trial
Reusing Cables
Bedside Radios
Help Needed


Meadow Court - Hospital Radio Install

Installing Hospital Radio

Meadow Court is a former Nursing Home, that has been transferred to NELFT and has since been converted to a inpatient physical rehabilitation building. The site is adjacent to NELFT operated Goodmayes Hospital & opposite King George Hospitals.

NELFT contacted Bedrock Radio asking how our hospital radio services can be heard within the building, together we have been working on a solution to meet the needs of the hospital.

This project is is inclusive, allowing all patients to listen to radio if they choose from the comfort from their own rooms.