Bedrock Radio

Restoring Bedside Radios

We are developing a solution to restore patient entertainment back to the wards of Queen's Hospital, Romford. Re-utilising the dormant cabling from the defunct paid TV System.

Working with local companies & Patient Experience at BHR Hospitals we're developing a solution that intuitive by design, ensuring ease of use for patients & staff.

Most importantly our radio project is inclusive, allowing all patients to listen across Queen's Hospital, regardless if they own a smart phone or tablet.

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Our Story.

Disused Cabling
Tablet Trial
Reusing Cables
Bedside Radios

Prototype Radio.

We have a working proof of concept prototype radio. 
This prototype has allowed us to really get a feel for the project, We’re now able to see what components we can upgrade to improve performance, design and assembly. 

We’re seeking a local company who can help us further improve our design & layouts. 
With an objective to improve reliability and highlight any safety aspects, plus become Design for Manufacture ready to potentially reduce costs.