Bedrock Radio

Restoring Bedside Radios

We are developing a solution to restore patient entertainment back to the wards of Queen's Hospital, Romford. Re-utilising the dormant cabling from the defunct paid TV System.

Working with local companies & Patient Experience at BHR Hospitals we're developing a solution that intuitive by design, ensuring ease of use for patients & staff.

Most importantly our radio project is inclusive, allowing all patients to listen across Queen's Hospital, regardless if they own a smart phone or tablet.

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Our Story.

Bedside TV & Phone

Patient Entertainment (Radio, TV & phone) system, operated by a third-party provider under contract with the Hospital Trust became defunct and is switched off, most equipment is removed. This system provided the primary broadcasting method of listening to Hospital Radio on the wards of Queen’s Hospital.

Bedside TV Cabling

By 2017 the last of the TV equipment was switched off. 

Bedrock Radio liaised with Head of Estates at the Trust to see if a new system was to be installed. 
With Bedrock Radio given permission to use the now redundant cabling if we could find a use for it.

Working with the contractor (Globe) we established where all the Patient Entertainment Network cabling terminated. As Globe used some of the network install  TV's in waiting rooms across the hospital. 



NHS Digital rolls out WiFi working with Hospital Trusts & CCG’s across England to introduce NHS WiFi.

Patients & visitors able use the NHS WiFi where they can download the Bedrock Radio app to their devices to listen to the station.

Radio Tablets

Bedrock Radio work with Patient Experience to find solutions to return Hospital Radio to wards & keep patients entertained. 

As NHS WiFi isn’t inclusive enough to all patients in the Hospital, as it requires patients to use their own (or family members) smartphones or tablet devices.

Bedrock Radio invest in two handheld tablet devices which are programmed to only run our Mobile App. The tablets are put out onto a ward to test, with some reported problems caused by poor Wi-Fi reception in the ward.

Bedrock WiFi

Bedrock Radio has been searching for a solution to re-utilise the dormant patient entertainment network, of which the cabling covers the majority of the building. 

We believe we can create a private 'Bedrock WiFi' network using this cabling that will allow us to be able to deploy tablets / WiFi radios around the wards of Queen's Hospital. 

Working with Globe, we installed a couple of WiFi Access points as a test, we connected the Radio Tablets to these with success with the tablets having a more stable connection. 

The project required major funding for the volume of hardware required. 

Ward Radios

We have designed a bespoke, purpose built and easy to use bedside radio that will be plug and play.

Designed by our Engineer Lee Howe, he has developed a 3D printed radio that will be pre-programmed with Hospital Radio channels the unit comes with volume controls & will automatically connect to Bedrock WiFi.

Our Prototype is made of pre-built electronic components that require wiring together. It houses a micro computer that manages the WiFi connection & the playing music.  

We're working to ensure these devices are safe, reliable & are easy to clean. 
Plus to secure funding to build the radios and install & expand the WiFi to the wards.

Funding The Radio

Bedrock Radio have been lucky enough to secure funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund and the Government to help part fund this project.

The most expensive parts of the project include; 
3D printed bodies for the radios, The WiFi & network equipment & acquiring the micro computers that run the radios.

Prototype Radio.

We have a working proof of concept prototype radio. 
This prototype has allowed us to really get a feel for the project, We’re now able to see what components we can upgrade to improve performance, design and assembly. 

We’re seeking a local company who can help us further improve our design & layouts. 
With an objective to improve reliability and highlight any safety aspects, plus become Design for Manufacture ready to potentially reduce costs. 


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