Bedrock Radio

Project 1

Queen's Hospital; WiFi Radio Project

Project 2

Meadow Court; Hospital Radio


Queen's Hospital - WiFi Ward Radio Project

Restoring Bedside Radios

We are developing a solution to restore patient entertainment back to the wards of Queen's Hospital, Romford. Re-utilising the dormant cabling from the defunct paid TV System.

Working with local companies & Patient Experience at BHR Hospitals we're developing a solution that intuitive by design, ensuring ease of use for patients & staff.

Most importantly our radio project is inclusive, allowing all patients to listen across Queen's Hospital, regardless if they own a smart phone or tablet.

Project Update: March 2022

The pandemic severely slowed this project down in a number of ways; 
From not being able to access wards due to coronavirus restrictions, to a global shortage of electronic equipment. 

Equipment Shortages

We purchased and received our WiFi access points that will go onto each ward for the radios to connect to (Replacing the defunct wireless receivers from the former bedside TV/phone system)
Our biggest delay (aside from Covid) is the networking equipment which has been on backorder, with no delivery date cited.
We have since cancelled this order as we have found a comparable product that is in stock!
We are hoping for these to be delivered by end of April 2022 so we can begin to install the Bedrock WiFi in May. 

Redesign ‘RockBox’

Updated Design – ‘RockBox V2’

The initial proof of concept unit, while functional wasn’t perfect and the recent component shortages are also driving the price of the radios up.
We have decided to remove the small LCD display screens to simplify wiring, while this was a nice feature it was difficult to mount.
The advantage is the radio is slightly smaller and would therefore use less plastic to print. 

To co-inside with our WiFi due to be installed within first half of 2022, we have also invested in four ‘off the shelf’ WiFi radios that we will set up and test with the Bedrock WiFi across the hospital. While we finalise and build our first live-trial  ‘RockBox’ Radios. 

Project Timeline

Disused Cabling
Tablet Trial
Reusing Cables
Bedside Radios
Help Needed
March 2022 Project Update


Meadow Court - Hospital Radio Install

Installing Hospital Radio

Meadow Court is a former Nursing Home, that has been transferred to NELFT and has since been converted to a inpatient physical rehabilitation building. The site is adjacent to NELFT operated Goodmayes Hospital & opposite King George Hospitals.

NELFT contacted Bedrock Radio asking how our hospital radio services can be heard within the building, together we have been working on a solution to meet the needs of the hospital.

This project is is inclusive, allowing all patients to listen to radio if they choose from the comfort from their own rooms.