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Bedrock Radio

Application Information

Thank you for enquiring to be a volunteer with Bedrock Radio.

We would now like you to complete the full application form below to become a member of our team.

Read through the information here to help with your application form and to understand how our volunteer recruitment process works. A section of this process is completed by BHR Hospitals Trust, as they will clear you to volunteer within the hospital environment.

Membership Levels:
Bedrock Radio has two levels of individual voluntary membership, when applying you may choose what level you join as.
Members may request to change their membership level at any time to suite your availability.

Membership Levels

Bedrock Radio has two types of membership, depending on your involvement.

FULL Members

Membership of Bedrock Radio

There is a requirement for all members to adhere to the charities governance, these take the form of our constitution, policies and commitments. All volunteers of Bedrock Radio are bound by these same agreements which provides a fair and consistent agreement between you and our charity.  

Membership of the CIO is open to anyone who is interested in furthering its purposes, and who, by applying for membership, has indicated his, her or its agreement to become a member and  acceptance of the duty of members.
It is the duty of each member of the CIO to exercise his or her powers as a member of the CIO in the way he or she decides in good faith would be most likely to further the purposes of the CIO.

Membership can be terminated at any time by either party providing the exit criteria is met, this can include; resignation, overdue payment, passed resolution.
This means you can’t have your membership terminated without notice or representation. We believe in having discussions for the benefit of all volunteers.

Application Process

Overview to our volunteer recruitment process

Application Form 

The formal application, tell us about you.

Once your application form is submitted to us, it will be reviewed by our Secretary (they oversee volunteer recruitment), they are looking to ensure all parts are completed fully. If not, your application may be rejected as we will be unable to process it.

Our Secretary performs a consideration review, with two other Trustees, we are checking to see if your answers from your application and initial enquiry align with our charitable objectives, and our broadcast commitments. We’re looking to see how you plan to help further our objectives and help provide for the health community we serve. 

Tip: Applications are more likely to be rejected if they don’t expand on any of our values or commitments.

If you do not hear back from us, then you have been unsuccessful. 

Informal Interview

Let’s talk about volunteering at Bedrock Radio.

If your application is successful, we will invite you to to Cornwall Suite Studio at Queen’s Hospital for an informal interview with Trustees of Bedrock Radio.

You don’t need to be suited and booted, our informal interview is an open and honest discussion around volunteering at Bedrock Radio, our Trustees will ask you a few questions in relation to your application and You are encouraged to ask questions throughout. Remember this is an open discussion about you and Bedrock.

The interview allows our Trustees to ensure you have an understanding of our charities objectives and commitments. It also provides an opportunity for you to see the studio and a feel hospital, to ensure you are comfortable in this environment. 

Tip: Take time to read through our website and listen into the station to gain a better understanding of what we do. 

On Boarding Process

Getting you ready to start volunteering.

We work with Volunteers Services of BHR Hospitals Trust. In order to get you ready for volunteering, this is due to Bedrock Radio being located within a hospital and our volunteers having duties which require interaction with venerable people across the health community. 

Tip: Ensure you to complete paperwork promptly, including having relevant and in-date DBS documents ready to avoid unnecessary delays

You will receive documents you must read, these safeguarding topics and behaviours around being a volunteer within the Hospital.
Not all topics covered are applicable to Bedrock Radio, however we will cover these when you start training.

This documents include:

  • BHR Volunteers Code Of Counduct
  • BHR Volunteers Occupational Health
  • Safeguarding Children Leaflet
  • Safeguarding Adults Leaflet

These documents require confirmation of being read which is passed onto the Volunteers Services at BHR Hospitals Trust, who will then begin to process to on-board you. 

The Volunteer Services department will contact you to arrange for you to complete your DBS Clearance and attended a volunteer on-boarding session (Currently held monthly). DBS And Occasional Health checks should be performed on the same day, you will need to have all relevant documents with you to avoid delays. 

Once your DBS clearance certificate has come through and you have completed the Volunteer Services on-boarding training. You will need to show us a copy of our DBS Certificate as soon as it arrives, and collect your Hospital & Bedrock ID Cards. 

You are then handed back to Bedrock Radio to begin volunteering with us. 

Studio Training 

You’re ready to start your training. 

Volunteers On Air

The first thing we do is a basic way finding walk, we need  to show you essential points of interest including emergency equipment, fire exits and even where get cuppa from, or have your parking validated! 

We set up your Bedrock IT account and get you logged in, this will include your very own Bedrock account, email and give you access to the members SharePoint.

If you’re coming on-air with us, we will put you through our studio training, covering everything from our formats, regulations, presentation and how to operate our equipment. 

There will be a lot to take in. However, you can recap online at our Members Sharepoint,
where we have training materials, help guides and  manuals, If you feel you need it, you can always request extra training! 
Everyone learns at a different pace, so we won’t put you on-air until we think you’re ready.  

Tip: If you are listening regularly, you will be able to pick up some of the studio training faster. 

Application Form

Ready to apply?

If you have any questions about volunteering, please email: