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Application Information

Membership Levels:
Bedrock Radio has two levels of individual voluntary membership, when applying you may choose what level you join as. Members may request to change their membership level at any time. Indiviudal memberships is for a sole person.

FULL Members
  • Full members are voting members, they can be elected as Trustees and will count towards quorum (minimum attendance numbers) at meetings.
  •  Full Members with zero to 10 years of voluntary service will be required to pay a membership fee for the year (As of January 2019 fees are £25.00 pa).
  • Members of Bedrock Radio with 10+ years continued voluntary service to Bedrock Radio will have membership fees waivered, providing four plus hours of volunteering per month is maintained.
  •  Full members are able to participate in all activities (i.e. broadcasting, promotions, meetings etc.) at Bedrock Radio
  • Associates are non-voting members and do not qualify towards the quorum (minimum attendance numbers) at meetings, nor qualify as members for any purpose (under the Charities Acts, General Regulations or Dissolution Regulations).
  •  Associate members are supporters of the Bedrock Radio and are unable to stand or be elected as a Trustee. They may also be restricted from certain rights and obligations (I.e, Associates have limited access to our facilities & will not receive studio training).
  • This category of will not pay membership fees.


What Happens Next?

Once your application form is returned to us, we will check your application to ensure all parts are correctly completed fully. If not, you may be asked to complete your application before we will process it.

You will be invited in for an informal interview with Trustees of Bedrock Radio.
This allows us to ensure you are willing to help us achieve our charitable objective and are able to make a commitment to volunteering with us.
It is also a great chance for you to ask any questions about volunteering with Bedrock Radio. 
At the same time we will have contacted your referees to obtain a character reference to aid our decision making.

If your interview is successful, you will be invited back to attend an Induction with Bedrock Radio.
This induction will cover an introduction to Bedrock Radio and the Hospital environment, where you will be taken through the basics of hygiene and safety processes, plus a wayfinding walkabout to key areas of the hospital.
You will be required to bring relevant in-date documents to begin your Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, and you will be required to complete an Occupational Health form on the day.
Providing you have completed all relevant paperwork, we will submit your documents to BHRUT who will process your security and health clearance.

In some cases BHRUT Occupational Health may request you to attend their clinic to talk about conditions, or receive booster shots due to working within their hospital environment.

While you are undergoing DBS clearance, we will arrange with you dates and times for any required for any technical training, (subject to availability of training volunteers) you will not be allowed on the wards just yet, or able to undertake other activates unsupervised until your DBS clearance is issued.

Once you received your DBS certificate in the post, you will need to bring it in for us to copy and make note of your renewal date.
We will confirm this with BHRUT that you have received your clearance, you will then be instructed to collect your NHS ID badge.
Meanwhile we will check to see if you have paid annual subscriptions to Bedrock Radio (where applicable) then finally, a Trustee of Bedrock Radio will review your induction and have an informal chat with you, to ensure everything has been completed and answer any further questions you have.
Once signed off you are able to start volunteering fully at Bedrock Radio & you will receive your Bedrock Radio ID Card.

If you have any questions about volunteering please email: