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Post: Bike Week 2015

Bike Week 2015

Bike week is where two wheels and peddle power are the spotlight.
#BikeWeekUK promotes cycling, and how easily is can become part of everyday life, demonstrating health, social and environmental aspects of cycling.

People all over the UK are encouraged to ‘get on their bike’ for fun, and as a means of transport to school, work or shopping!
This year’s focus is to encourage people to cycle to work. Outside Queen’s Hospital today (17/06) a range of pop up stands appeared. We sent our Keith Dunn to chat with some of those involved, including BHRUT Health & Wellbeing Team, Sodexo, who where making smoothies from a bike, Metropolitan Police safer transport team where bike marking and Virgin Active encouraging you to keep fit.

Also providing services where Dr Bike on hand to give advice about bike care, and also to carry out repairs.
Plus Cycle UK, where staff could find out about some fantastic incentives to invest in two wheels and ride to work.

Listen to the Podcast for more.