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Post: Roll Over Beethoven

Roll Over Beethoven

Ben and Annette were privileged to be invited to the Queens Theatre, Hornchurch last night for the press release of a

Roll Over Beethoven Press Night
Roll Over Beethoven Press Night

brand new musical masterpiece Roll Over Beethoven.  This is Annette’s review:

Shaken and stirred, as our local theatre celebrates this sexy and tantalising new musical.  Set to blow adults away.  It is  complimented by the adult humour and the lively band collectively delivering a jukebox full of classics rewritten tastefully for the production, not surprising to find out Bob was once a band member as his appreciation for this culture was fluently appreciated.

T’was a dark night in London, with an unsettled ghost telling part of the story.  The story influenced by  Hamlet a Shakespeare classic, but set post world war 2.  Actually 1956 to be exact.  Immediatley the spark and passion is felt between the main characters to gently unfold a collection of love affairs with there own intensity and story.

QT - RB (2)The cast rocked right before our eyes.  Cameron Jones twisted the night away with his continuous energy as he owned the stage as Johnny Hamlet and certainly convinced me of his love for Ophelia, played by Lucy Wells.  She was superb, she put everything into her performance.   Smoke in my eyes definitely not.  For surely  were they really an item. The connection and passion was so intense and completely believable.  Love was in the air.  The stage was alive with a combination of love lustre and a superb cast.

It was wonderful to incorporate the memory of Butlins, Clacton which closed QT - RB (1)many years ago as a popular holiday retreat.  I remember my own grandparents boasting of its significance of their younger years and i am sure will touch many locals.

A rocking classic tale right on your doorstep, go and embrace the era!

Ben Stuarts review:

I always like to watch a good production, and I especially like to watch a sparkling new one! Me and Annette got to do just that Monday evening for the Press Release of Bob Eaton’s Roll Over Beethoven at the Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch.

The show’s story follows Johnny Hamlet, a national serviceman in 1956 post-war Britain. The young man comes home for his father’s funeral and learns that his mother (Gertie) is now in a relationship with his Uncle Claude. Johnny begins a relationship himself with Ophelia, which does not please her ever protective dad. The two try to convince him they are serious about each other-and Johnny must also contend with his dad’s ghost, trying to persuade him he’s been murdered by Johnny’s mother and Uncle. The ghost wants Johnny to take out revenge on the pair!

You might of guessed, the storyline is very loosely based on Hamlet. And the music’s Rock n Roll. So, Shakespeare meets Rock-unique concept! The plot sets the stage for an excellent selection of classics, with cleverly reworked lyrics leading to some great humorous wordplay as well as moving the plot and characters on nicely! The characters are a lot of fun and you easily get caught up in their dramas. Worth noting, this show has a real nice line in knowing humour, in the songs and dialogue. It delivers some well judged, slightly more risqué jokes too! It contains a visual gag in particular that had me in a good laugh! You’ll likely know what I am on about when you see it!

Now the songs, with their high rockabilly factor really do fly, thanks to a lively band and top vocals from the leads and also brilliant support from the whole cast. Everyone gets to showcase a great vocal (and some great instrumentals on offer), and they look like their having a lot of fun- I know the audience was-I know I was! Cameron Jones as Johnny was simply brilliant, really felt like Rock n Roll was running through his veins-delivered an excellent vocal and set of moves! The exact same can be said for Lucy Wells as Ophelia, who was hugely sexy, sassy and equipped with a gorgeous powerhouse vocal. And, as I think its really important in any kind of love story, the two had perfect chemistry.

With great performances both acting, dancing and song-wise, bundles of energy, superb Rock n Roll numbers and a nice line in humor I think Roll over Beethoven is an excellent success. Recommended!

Pictures Courtesy of  Mark Sepple