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Post: The Force Awakens Review

The Force Awakens Review

A trip to the cinema and  finally I got to cure my curiosity to the 7th instalment of the Star Wars  collection.  I can reveal I was impressed, Im not usually a sci-fi fan, but this one was like a trip down memory lane.

The curtain was drawn many years ago when suddenly by popular demand the curtain opened once more.  Revealing our once loved Star Wars characters, hero’s of our childhood.

Like your favourite band back on stage for just one more song, I was overcome with delight at welcoming them back on the screens.

George Lucas did what others dreamt of and that was to create a Star Wars universe.  His ideas and characters and a low budget developed one of the biggest sci-fi franchise of all times.  Who would off expected that back in 1977? And with many of the big names of the first movie.

Disney came along and took the project with their eyes wide open because they stopped at nothing to make this production great and as authentic as the original.

It was very loud, but that added to the atmosphere or the dark side and the threat they brought to those that stood in their way.  The meeting in the bar almost took us back to the return of the Jedi scene.  It was almost identical and intriguing to be back.

The film was well thought out, very much replicating themes explored way back in the earlier films of the 70’s.  The plot was convincing and not far fetched.  The Millennium Falcon looked incredible after all this time and it started up like it was used last week.

It was very 21st century with the introduction of Ray and her connection with the “force”.  She represented iconic women of this decade with her strength, skill and knowledge.  She was likeable and on fire and will be the reason and connection with female audiences.  Equally with Fin teaming up with her together they had great chemistry.  The introduction of the new resistance gives a fresh new hope.

Harrison Ford was awesome and energetic, the Hans Solo we remember is back almost un aged, full of humour, guiding the team.  I had forgotten how much I liked Chewbacca, a wookiee warrior and co-pilot with Solo, he was another vital character for this come back to appeal.

The story sent us looking for a missing piece of the map to find Luke Skywalker.  This was a long drawn out process, but it kept me on my guard as I couldn’t wait to see my favourite jedi.  The journey led us to Princess Leia, again after all this time this carried the wow factor.  Graceful and matured, she too helped the cause while dealing with the loss of her son to the dark side and longing for his return.

Wearing a similar mask as Vader once did, directing the evil to destroy all things good, he wasn’t half as scary as Darth once was and certainly once the mask was removed it increased his game.

The droids were another fascination of the past and it was great to see them adding to the mission, C3P0 rather annoying and the lovable R2D2 designed by Ralph McQuarrie.

Like a game of space invaders, one round was soon preceded by another but that’s the joy of Star Wars true sci-fi adventure.

I think for those that were young enough to enjoy Star Wars the first time around this will be like a refreshing revisit to your favourite childhood stars, leaving you overcome with satisfaction of their return to one of the biggest films of our youth, however for those of you who are discovering the force for the first time I have a feeling this is just the beginning of another chapter, the force is strong with this one.