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Post: Ben Gow New Project in Turkey

Ben Gow New Project in Turkey

Ben Gow has been volunteering with the Syrian Refugees over the past few months.

He has been working with other volunteers and they have started a new project in Turkey.

The project entails the opening of a new pre school for the refugee children ages range from four to eight years.

Ben said: “Today was great the children got to meet the parents and children.”

It all began when they found a house in Izmir with two rooms to rent to open as a kindergarten for approximately fifteen children.

The object is to be able to provide Arabic/Turkish classes to Syrians living in the area.

The house required cleaning first and some decorating.

The monthly expenses for the Revi school are 350TL for the rent and 900TL for the teacher, there are also water and electricity costs to consider with a total of 1800TL.

If you are able to sponsor or help in any way click on this link for more information.