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Post: Music from Missy S!

Music from Missy S!

Bedrock radio was lucky to be contacted by some local talent in the shape of singer song writer Melissa aka Missy S! Missy S shared her material with us and we think she’s great, so on Tuesday 10th May we played a selection of her songs. This was during The Team Show which featured Jack and Ben.

Missy S has a very good voice, and has a range of great melodies and production on her songs, but what is also really refreshing are the concepts behind her songs; such as the track Vicky which is about a refugee’s story, and is clearly heartfelt. Nice to hear some songs with real substance to them.

In case you missed the songs original airings (they will get more play in the weeks ahead) and to check out more of the singers work, head over to her Bandcamp page at:, Please note you need to insert that whole URL in your address bar, rather then just using the search box on Bandcamp.

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