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Post: The Sound of Pride NHS Choir: Dying Matters Week

The Sound of Pride NHS Choir: Dying Matters Week

On Friday the 13th, Queen’s hospital was lucky enough to have The Sound of Pride NHS Choir perform live in the atrium! It was a lovely experience for all who watched and listened to the excellent members of the choir, directed by Rebecca Amissah. Three songs were performed; Angels, Raise Me Up and Abide With Me. Now, as well as these songs being absolute classics in their own right, they were selected for another reason too.

The performance was put together in aid of Dying Matters, as part of Dying Matters Week. Dying Matters is a charity that aims to promote awareness and discussion on a topic that many find hard to talk and think about: the subject of death. It is a tough subject, but one that will affect us all throughout our lives. One of the considerations that we need to make for those who have passed on is regarding funerals, and the songs performed by The Sound of Pride are the three most popular songs chosen for funerals.

Please visit the following page to learn more about what Dying Matters aims to achieve and how through its information and work it can offer help and offer assistance in discussing and planning for situations that arise after ones death:

Show your support for the Dying Matters charity and help spread the word about this important message!

And this page for The Sound of Pride on tumblr:

Below, please enjoy the supurb performances, every member really shined! Show your support for the Sound of Pride Choir in any ways you can: