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Post: Outdoor Gym Opens at Queen’s Hospital

Outdoor Gym Opens at Queen’s Hospital

A brand new outdoor Gym has been opened at Queen’s Hosptial, Romford by Paralympian Amy Marren, who’s due to complete in Rio 2016.

The Outdoor Gym, funded by King George & Queen’s Hospitals Charity features a range of equipment including some disabled friendly items such as a Hand Bike. The Gym is free for everyone to use, and has put in place to encourage staff and local people to use.

The grand opening saw staff and visitors ‘have a go’ on the new equipment with Bedrock Radio providing a fitness soundtrack for the day.

Amy who’s due to compete in the swimming contests¬†in Rio this year said “My Training Is going well”
and said the outdoor gym was in a “Great Place” outside the Queen’s Hospital.

There are plans to introduce a gym at King George Hospital, Ilford.