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Post: Queen’s Hospital Fruit and Veg Stall

Queen’s Hospital Fruit and Veg Stall

If you have been through the front doors of Queen’s Hospital recently, you may have noticed the Fruit and Veg Stall that has been operating from Monday-Friday, morning to late afternoon every week.

On sale there is always an inviting range of fresh fruit and veg, where as well as some lovely bundles and nets of all the popular market favorites, there is also the bargain Pound Bowl.

The stall is run by a hard working and enthusiastic team, who do a great job of serving our community with fresh produce. Bedrock Radio spoke to the team’s Managing Director, David Perrott to find out more.

How has the response of the Market Stall been from the general public, including from the visitors, patients and staff of Queen’s?

Everyone has been so nice, saying that they are glad to have us there and what a great idea it is to have fruit as a healthy option.

How many of you operate the stall, how have you found working outside Queen’s, and what days do you run?

The business employs four full time and one part-time worker. We open Monday to Friday, as this is when Queen’s is most busy. There is not the buzz of a market with all the different traders, but it is nice getting to know staff and regular visitors to the hospital.

Why do you think it is important to have a stall like yours outside Queen’s, what would you say the benefits were?

The healthy option is a benefit to all; most of us need to lose weight and fresh fruit eaten intead of more fatty foods is a winner. Also, habing access to good value produce makes it easier to stick to a healthy eaing diet.

What fruit and veg are in particular ‘hot’ at the moment? What’s in season?

Ok the summer season means there’s lots of variety; lots of soft fruits like strawberries, plums, peaches, apricots and the best seller is cherries-which because they are in season and good value ,but they only have a 6 to 8 week run.

What are your faviourite fruit and veg? Any you hate?

Like most I love bananas, grapes and all soft fruit-fresh figs are great too but not in season just yet. Not keen on pomegranates .

Bedrock Radio is your Healthy Music Mix. We have covered the healthy bit, so for the music part: who are your favourite bands/singers and why?

I love music. Being born in the sixties, the 80s are my fave-was bit of a mod back then, even managed to get in a Boomtown Rats video! Also bands like The Police and The Specials who kept us singing along. Then Spandal Ballet turned me into a New Romantic. The clothes were very important then-what you wore represented your music taste; fishtails and stay press for mods suits and button downs for New Romantics. Of course the best part was just being young and out with your mates.

David would like to thank all his staff for all their hard work getting this business up and running.