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Post: Havering Mind Celebrations

Havering Mind Celebrations

Mind your Mental Health is a  campaign to raise awareness of mental health.

The success of the campaign was marked by a celebration afternoon at the Town Hall, Romford on the 16th December 2016.

The deputy Mayoress was in attendance.

The Romford Recorder ran 52 weeks of articles from people trying to share their stories to raise awareness.

Chloe, journalist said she was ‘humbled’  by the experience.

Ciaran White was delighted with the response and said: “It has been a fantastic year.  So many people have shared their stories to raise awareness.”

Havering Mind have their very first Christmas song, ‘One Step Nearer’ written by Margaret Sim.

David (Master  Christmas) who directed the video said: “it contains lots of Christmas characters the video is full of joy, a real community day  making it.  The mayor of Havering is in the video.”

Cliff Reynolds, Chairman of over 50’s forum said: “he’s had more coverage than Katie Price.”

A coach  from MySpace Colin Sharm who runs senior table tennis sessions said: “This is an activity which is on Tuesdays from 10.30 until 12, it costs just £3.00 and is a great opportunity to meet new people.”


The full interview and the live recording of the song recorded at the Town Hall during the afternoon can be found on this podcast.

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