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Post: Cridders Water Safety Campaign

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Cridders Water Safety Campaign

The benefits of swimming can not be stressed enough, vital for fitness exceptional fun for all the family.

I interviewed Trevor Cridder, Manager to find out about the importance of learning to swim.

However a massive amount of children under 10 years old cannot swim in the Uk.

A 2010 report showed there were 420 water related deaths in the UK, with 57 of those being children under 19.

Cridders, a swimming club located in Upminster are running swimming lessons and a water safety campaign.

Trevor Cridder said: “Learning to swim just needs to be fun, with regular family swimming to develop water confidence.”

For more information contact 01708 227481/ 07415 493032  or email

You can listen to the full interview with Trevor Cridder on the podcast link below.