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Post: Beauty and The Beast Review

Beauty and The Beast Review

I have just been to see the adaption of Beauty and the Beast showing now at the Queens Theatre, Hornchurch and I have never seen it as a pantomime.  I thought it was incredible from start to finish.  It was so refreshing to see a modern take on the story loaded with some popular choice songs throughout.  If you are anything like me you have seen the Disney movies over and over and one of my favourites has to be Beauty and the Beast.

The show was directed by Martin Berry who also directed Cinderella last year brings us this masterpiece said:  “Made in Hornchurch, especially for you.”

The stage was beautifully set in Paris, it looked every bit romantic.  The musicians were tremendous and the timings of everything was impecable.

The journey begins with  Amorette befriending the  Beast followed similarities to the much loved fairytale, but it was brilliant with jokes and banter and electrifying music.  However the beast required Amorette to fall in love with him to break the evil spell.  The audience participation set the production on fire.  The witch was trying to stop any kind of love from blossoming trying to get the audience on her side but it was a losing battle, “oh yes it was!”

Monsieur Marzipan, played by (William Brand) Amorette’s father was typical of a father, ‘Happy” captivating the audience with his singing performance.    Betty Bon Bon added so much fun to the stage with his energy and sweetness.

The whole cast were so in tune with each other.   Her sister Souffle was a real lovable character played by (Molly-Grace Cutler.)

The very talented youngsters that filled the stage with singing and dancing adding their own magic to the show.  It was so refreshing to hear all the great tracks including a classic from Whitney Houston sung by Amorette.

When the moment arrived for the beast to meet his love to be, it was every bit as magical with carefully selected smash hits to create that unique moment.

On reflection I was really looking forward to seeing this show as I have always loved the story, but this version written by Andrew Pollard was even better than I could of imagined.  He really made the production his own.  It was a refreshing modern take of the classic story.  Great music, lots of silliness and surprises as you would expect for the younger viewers.

This pantomime will put a spell on you, you will be singing and laughing and potentially dancing by the closing curtains.

For tickets and information visit their website

By Annette Flewitt