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Post: The Big 25 hour Marathon Broadcast news

The Big 25 hour Marathon Broadcast news

On the 28 October Bedrock radio volunteers hosted a 25 hour Marathon Broadcast to raise  money for the charity.

The event was so popular among it’s fellow volunteers who hosted a variety of different themed music shows while collecting requests and sponsors.

Finally after weeks of collecting in the donations Bedrock can confirm the actual amount raised is £1492.50.

This is an incredible amount and includes a £25 donation from the Mayor of Havering Cllr Linda Van Hendon and £500 from the fruit and vegetable stall at the Queens hospital.

Beverly Stroud, acting Treasurer said:  “Thank you to everyone that took part, it was incredibly successful and lots of fun.”

Thank you to the Mayor for opening the event and to you for you for listening.

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