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Post: Bedrock Online Store – Now Open!

Bedrock Online Store – Now Open!

Bedrock Radio is pleased to announce the opening of its Online Store.

Bedrock Books, our mobile library service had been operating weekly ‘Foyer Stalls’ to help us sell surplus stock of books, along with seasonal gifts.

However the pandemic had halted this great work out volunteers where doing.
With restrictions still imposed across the hospitals means we are still unable to restart our popular stall on the balcony, outside our studios.
Pre-Pandemic Bedrock Books & our Foyer Stall had provided a great source of much needed income to help keep Bedrock Radio on-air across East London & South Essex.

We have therefore made the decision to take the foyer stall and create an online store in an attempt to restart some of our fundraising efforts.

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Our Foyer Stall initially started as a monthly shop as a method for us to sell surplus stock of books from our library service & help keep our small stock room in order, the stall become popular and began to be operated weekly, then twice weekly and pre-pandemic began including seasonal & themed items such as Christmas Cards & small inexpensive gifts. Demand grew as such that Bedrock Radio began accepting card payments with a SumUp card reader.

Volunteer Rob Wilcox, has spent the last few months re-organising supplies to get them ready for sale online, he said “Our foyer stall was popular at the hospital, I hope by taking the stall online it can be another way people can support us” he added “We’re starting with limited supply of Christmas items

The Online Store is powered by SumUp, Our Bedrock Radio Online Store currently stocks a range of Christmas themed Gift Wrap Sets, Decorations & Cards for sale.

Rob & Along with other Bedrock volunteers are currently processing & fulfilling orders on a weekly basis, if demand increases we may look at including book selections into the store along with other seasonal items.