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Post: Who Wants A Rewind? (Interview)

Who Wants A Rewind? (Interview)

Local author Neil Milton has released his debut novella ‘Who Wants a Rewind’. Neil came into Bedrock on Tuesday 9th December, He told bedrock about having his first book published & told us where you can buy copies from locally.

Neil tells us it’s a cautionary novel, with the plot set around teenagers in a nightclub, that has references to the local area. The book is available directly from Neil plus in a number of local shops in Elm Park, Upminster & Romford, plus on Amazon.

Neil himself is local (he volunteered for Bedrock some years ago!) and is aspiring to become an English teacher, and he is hoping to write more books in the near future.

Find out more about Neil & order your copy of Who Wants A Rewind;