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Post: 2015 Annual General Meeting

2015 Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting Notice

The 2015 annual general meeting of Bedrock will take place on Sunday 25th
January 2015 in the BHR Hospitals Boardroom at Queen’s Hospital Starting at 2pm.


  • Meeting Agenda:
  • Apologies of absence
  • Minutes of the previous AGM & any matters arising
  • Vote on previous AGM minutes
  • Final Reports from retiring Trustees
  • Report from the independently examined accounts
  • Consideration of any motion, duly proposed and seconded*
  • Proposed changes to the Constitution & Rules
  • Consideration of any motion raised at meeting**
  • Election of New Trustees (Year C) ***
    • ¬†Treasurer
    • Engineering Officer
      • Additional Posts to be filled:
        • Secretary
        • Programme Controller
  • Meeting End

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Read Our: 2015 ANNUAL REPORT

*Notice Must be given to the secretary prior to the date of the AGM
**Before a motion is considered, a group discussion will take place & a vote as to weather a state of urgency exists
otherwise the motion will be considered at the next committee meeting
*** Full / Life Members may stand for Trustee positions.