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Post: Film Review: Fifty Shades Of Frustration

Film Review: Fifty Shades Of Frustration

Why is it when you really look forward to something, often it fails to impress.  Unfortunately not getting into the book by E.L James despite it being a bestseller, was an opportunity for the film to satisfy as there where no real expectations. Jamie Dornan had a huge task ahead of him, after all what was the likely hood of every viewer to find him there imaginary Mr Grey?

Anastacia was pure and simple with her floral numbers indicating she was very pure indeed.  Her character was intended to be the weaker of the sexes to enable her to agree to his wishes.  The body was far to weak exploring sexual ideas in place of the regular romance and love, but it was touched up with some glossy moments like the helicopter ride or the breath taking experience she enjoyed flying.  Many serious issues were just swept over, as if there was an excuse for his behaviour to make his demands  acceptable.  The build up as they review contracts of there arrangements were drawn out and frustrating. Communication they say is key and thats one thing they do have going for them.

Anastacia’s  love for him was convincing and significant and consented.  Viewing a woman in this  submissive manner, especially in this day and age  really did seem unconvincing.  The subtle humour was a relief to break up the intensity as was the brilliant music choices to set the moods.  The red room scenes were refined to deliver what Mr Grey wanted.  The audience may feel it was a little too much and definitely out of the norm, with approximately 20 minutes worth of filming in there.  Both remained very  well composed and not tacky at all.  However sorry ladies with just his shirt of for most of it, frustrating was an understatement since his body was his best contribution.   The tortThe abrupt ending caught us by surprise and despite the anger felt by the plot and her consenting  to his style,  the curiosity for the next instalment is overwhelming.  However it can’t be all that bad  boasting a number 1 hit and a great soundtrack at least theres some  pleasure to be had somewhere within fifty shades.