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Post: The Guardian Service

The Guardian Service

guardian service logoStaff working across King Georges & Queen Hospitals, have the opportunity to confidentially raise their concerns with The Guardian Service.

The service was created two years ago, it’s a pioneering independent service that first of it’s kind in the country. The Guardian Service is lead by National Patient Champion Ashley Brooks, who supports the staff by listening to their concerns relating to their work, patient care and safety.

Ashley came into Bedrock and spoke with Mat Watson about the service;

If you don’t have the courage, or if the system has let you down before, and your worried in anyway the guardian service is the good first way of raising a concern, it’s safe, it’s confidential, it’s independent.

The Guardian Service aims to improve the culture for staff, making a better working environment, that ultimately leads to better patient care.

You can listen to the full interview below, and if you are a member of staff at BHRUT, you can find full contact details on the Staff Intranet & around the hospital about the guardian service, to read more;