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Post: The first Exhibition at Rainham Hall

The first Exhibition at Rainham Hall

RH ModelCulturally inviting, standing gracefully in the heart of Rainham, this historical house is ready to feed your curiosity with the doors opening today.

The story began in 1729, when sea merchant John Harle built the property, it was his pride and joy, an example of his hard work and determination to be successful, in the many trades he turned his hand to.

The Life of Harle will be the first Exhibit held at Rainham hall commencing on the 7th October 2015.

Project Manager Sally James, said, “it’s really exciting seeing everything come together, were really ready to open.”

The question arose as to what to do with such a magnificent house, rich in culture situated in a great location.

The National Trust held several consultations to decide on the best possible plan for Rainham Hall to ensure its future success the local community was consulted.

Through the years the house became home to several  inhabitants with each leaving a personal mark on the property, including the vibrant decor of Anthony Denney, a 1960’s Vogue Editor.

The project  was awarded £1.5 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund, would now become a  £2.5 million, 2 year plan to conserve and redevelop.

The Queen Anne style house has so much to offer including a beautiful relaxing garden and an everyday coffee shop and activities as you explore the different rooms.

The General Manager, Ed Ikin proudly said,  “it’s the variety of the things we have created here.  Our aim is you will always be able to experience something different.”

2017  will see the exhibits change to explore childhood during World War 2 when the hall was used as a children’s nursery.

It is hoped that regular new exhibits will mean theres always  something new and exciting to be discovered  at Rainham Hall.

Sally James                                  Annette Gregory                  Ed Ikin                             Ben Stuart & Zara                                                                                                                                                                                  Hussain