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Post: Queens Theatre Release Don’t Look Now!

Queens Theatre Release Don’t Look Now!

imageimageBeverly and I braved it, to see the new production at the theatre on Monday night.  Fully prepared to be snuggling up as this was going to be a Halloween thriller.

Don’t Look Now Review:

The Queens Theatre have delivered yet another fantastic production.  The adaption of the 1973 blockbuster Don’t Look Now by Daphne Du Maurier.

Chilling throughout and some what thrilling with the famous bedroom scene nothing was left unmissed.  The story unfolds around the parents who had recently lost their child in a drowning accident.   The psychological effects of the devastation are demonstrated on their relationship.   A trip to Venice seemed like a perfect way of masking recent events and attempt to move on.

Venice is renowned for its architecture and grand structures all mysterious and intriguing,  the set did the city proud, it captured the eerie environment you could feel the daughters presence.

Director Simon Jessop, seamlessly brought this classic to life with his experience and great cast. Capturing the essence of this thriller and driving the tension forward throughout.

Charlotte Powell played the part of Laura, the mother of the deceased daughter.  Her powerful performances were incredible.  How do you replicate a mothers pain?  this was accomplished. she had me feeling  her grief and when she had to fly home I could understand that a mothers love is paramount and nothing stands between her and her children.

Tom Cornish was her husband was brilliant.  All the threads came from his lead role beginning with him talking of the ordeal of which he to seemed to capture the male instinct of protecting his wife and pouring his emotions into keeping their love alive.  This all revolves around the ghostly world of the paranormal activity.

The story explores many different emotions and this is put to its test with the films well remembered love scene, they nailed it!  Sexy, chilling with audiences feeling their need for closeness.

The lead roles deliver the essence of what being human means especially under great devastation.  This is empowered by great performances delivering authenticity.

The story was somewhat unusual but none the less captivating.  Thought provoking all the way though.  There are plenty of twists and turns. I liked the way you just got comfortable with the narrative then the chilling factor set in and had you back on edge.

The unusual creepy psychic sisters were very clever and too very unnerving they fired up the suspense and questioned beliefs of the power of the unknown.  Invites you to question the truth behind the thriller.

The show was unlike any I have ever seen before and this was what made it so exciting.  I was engaged throughout I didn’t want to  miss a thing.  If you appreciate the art of horror then  this is a must see for you, just hold on to your seat!

By Annette Gregory