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Post: BHR Listening Event: Redbridge College

BHR Listening Event: Redbridge College

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Redbridge College hosted a listening event to help BHR hospitals yesterday to find out what the younger population would like to see as part of the future of the NHS service.

It had been highlighted that more under 25’s opinions are needed to help shape the future of their healthcare.

The college was therefore a perfect place to gather information and they had over 300 students visit the event.

I spoke to the Communications Director, Rachel Royal said; “It was a great success, this was key in engaging the young people about how we can improve services.”

A company called Visual Minutes were able to obtain the feedback from today who will share the information back to the hospital.

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There was also the opportunity to gain information from the sexual health team along with careers advice from the Sodexo training team who offer a range of apprenticeships and career opportunities.

It is hoped that this exercise will be repeated in the near future.