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Post: Havering Council Investigating Safer School Parking

Havering Council Investigating Safer School Parking

Havering Council’s Parking Promotion Van (Picture: SWNS / Metro)

Dangerous parking outside and around local schools require Havering Council to act.

Children’s lives are being put at risk with parents parking dangerously when dropping off and collecting children.

This year alone, parking enforcement officers issued more than 1200 tickets outside local schools.

Despite numerous requests and campaigns for parents to park responsibly, a small minority and continuing to park in dangerous places, putting children’s lives at risk.

Councillor Meg Davies said: “We hope that they will come to understand that the new proposals being developed by the council are necessary to keep our children safe.”

A bespoke plan is being designed with six schools being used as pilots, the council are consulting them.

Potential ideas for consideration include closing roads at the start and finish of the school day, along with initiating a volunteer scheme with trained people being empowered to issue parking tickets.

Organising a Public Space Protection Order under the Crime and Policing Act 2014, enforced by CCTV allowing offending parents to be fined £100.

The following schools will be the first to implement parking controls are: Gidea Park, Parsonage Farm, Ardleigh Green, Broadford, Wykeham and Engayne.