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Post: Havering Mind Campaign

Havering Mind Campaign


Havering Mind, is a local charity have developed this campaign to break down the stigma attatched to mental health.

The ups and downs of day to day life can affect anyones mental health, therefore, It’s important that we all take the time to monitor and maintain our mental health.

The stresses and pressures of everyday life can bring challenges.

Havering Mind is there to help you on your journey,  speaking to a friend can really make an impact, or even a nice walk can make all the difference.

People who suffer from mental illness can face stigma on a daily basis even in this day and age.

Education and understanding is key to bringing an end to this stigma.

If you would like more information then contact Mind on 01708 457040.

 The aims of the campaign would be:

· To reach as many people as possible in the local community and   educate them on mental health.

· To encourage readers who may be experiencing mental health    problems to seek help and support.

· To inspire local people to take part in our events and raise vital funds for our charity.

Havering Mind helps more than 500 people each year and is asking you to get in touch and to have your say.