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Post: World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day


The 10th of March is World Kidney Day worldwide, the aim being to raise awareness.

This was promoted today in the foyer at The Queen’s Hospital by representatives of the Royal London Kidney Patients Association.

They represent the patients at Queen’s trying to help patients with kidney failure as well as try to advise on how to prevent kidney failure.

Lesley from the association said:  “I have been having dialysis for 11 years but have been involved with the association for 3 years, because of the treatment I receive I have gained another 11 years to my life.”

They represent patients from the dialysis unit via satellite from Barts Health.

They were in the foyer offering information to people to help encourage the importance of looking after your health, currently there is no cure available for people with end stage kidney failure, the only treatments are dialysis or a transplant.

Kidneys get rid of excess water and toxins, regulate blood pressure, keep bones strong and make red blood cells.

Dave another representative said: ” I have always been a member, I had my transplant 3 years ago and now I want to give a bit back to help other patients.  Since my transplant I have  a new lease of life.”

There are many ways you can help yourself and your kidneys by watching your salt intake, eat healthy including glucose control and stay active.

Dave Mansfeld said: “Prevention is better than a cure, so we are here to promote good health in order to try to prevent, I had my transplant 5 years ago, thank you to my donor who ever they are.  Being part of the association means we get to organise day trips for patients”

The representatives will be at The Chase, where they will have a stall to raise awareness and fundraise.

For more information visit the websites below: