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Post: Parking proposals around local schools

Parking proposals around local schools

A public meeting was held at the Town Hall, Romford on the 29th of April 2016 to discuss a proposed Public Space Protection Order.

The order would offer pedestrian safety around the surrounding areas of the schools during the busy school run period,  stopping within the zone would incur a penalty.

Six schools that were considered in need of the order were selected for the three year plan.

The online consultation ends on the 30th of April and provides an opportunity for local residents to have there say on the proposal.

Group Manager of Traffic and Parking, David Pritchard said:  “I am proud of the residents for getting involved and giving us there feedback we have had over 800 responses”.

PSPO’s were introduced by the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 to reduce the risk of a fatality involving children and  parents at the school.

Mr Pritchard said: “We were surprised the residents didn’t want it. There is a problem with the school parking, but we need to listen to what the residents want”.

Angry residents are regularly having to put up with motorists picking up and dropping off at the school selfishly parking across driveways for long periods.

There have been growing concerns from residents around the Wykeham Primary School and The James Oglethorpe Primary School area, following an observation that they among the worst affected areas for dangerous parking and maneuvers at a school.

Resident consultations for The James Oglethorpe Primary School, revealed 80% of those who took part are in favor of the PSPO.

Residents raised concerns that not enough parking tickets are being issued.

Mr Pritchard explained: “We only have 15 Traffic Wardens in the borough and it is not possible to cover the 80 schools in the area.  It has to be cost effective”.

Gary Smith, Traffic and Parking Control said: “We will be  holding further consultations to see what residents really want”.

One of the schools will be accepted on a pilot scheme to asses the effects for future parking schemes.

St Peters Catholic Primary School selected for the pilot scheme but has received a majority vote against, therefore a PSPO will not go ahead for this school.

The car park located at the Matalan Store,  North Road free of charge at specific times.