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Post: Social Care Masterclass

Social Care Masterclass

As more people live for longer the need to provide the right level of care for adults will grow, with much of the additional provision coming from the private sector as local authorities and the NHS face increasing pressures on their budgets.

Last week 25 representatives from local care providers attended a Masterclass organised by Havering Council to help them plan for the future.

Havering Council’s Head of Economic Development, Tom Dobrashian, said: “Havering has a higher proportion of elderly people than most London boroughs so having a sustainable care provision is important for the future well-being of our residents”.
The class offered practical advice on workforce development and planning.
 Future Master classes will include building business sustainability, incorporating business planning and leadership and management support.
The meeting was a good opportunity to share information about apprentiships that are available.
 For more information on how businesses can get support from Havering Council is available at