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Post: Bedrock’s Weekly Stall

Bedrock’s Weekly Stall

At least once a week, Bedrock Radio hold a stall in the upstairs foyer of Queen’s Hospital, in Romford. The stall is always crammed fall of books from a wide range of generes, and this includes kids books as well as adult ones. You can find loads of Hardbacks for just 50p, and Paperbacks for 20p! Amazing value. The books can be brought to take home with you, but also for a loved one who may be staying in hospital for a longer period of time, giving them something to focus on, and hopefully ward off some of the boredom.*

But its not all just about the books! We sell a wide range of other items such as stationery, activity books and yummy treats such as handmade sweets, popcorn and raisin bags. There is always a selection of handmade items, including knitted creations and paper crafted items. And Bedrock Bear Merchandise!

That is still not all! The stall holds many competitions, such as our recent colouring one, tombola’s, raffle’s and a regular Lucky Dip!

All money raised by the sale goes straight back into Bedrock Radio, helping to keep the service going and make further improvements.

If you would like to know more about what we do, do not hesitate to have a chat with us at the stall.

Many thanks to everyone who has purchased items from us, and showed support for the stall, and we hope to see you all soon!

*If you have any books you no longer want, please donate them to Bedrock Books, we would be very grateful. Find us on the stall and we can arrange to collect your books if you are in the local area, or you can pop to our office, or bring them to the stall!