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Post: NCS: At Bedrock

NCS: At Bedrock

This Sunday (14/08/16) Bedrock was lucky to have the help of NCS: The Challenge team to help us out with the day’s events!

NCS (National Citizen Service) run The Challenge which pairs up a group of young people with a variety of different organisations. Through this initiative, those taking part can gain valuable experience and learn new skills which can help to practice for various careers.

The NCS team helped Bedrock raise funds on our weekly stall, where we sell books, sweets, toys and lots more. Furthermore, they ran a cake stall, where cupcakes were decorated and sold to raise funds. Also, the group went with Bedrock around the wards of Queen’s Hospital with our Name the Bear competition, as well as to hand out Bedrock’s latest magazine.

The team also joined us on air, where participants took to the task like true naturals and selected their favourite tracks for Bedrock to play.





Bedrock enjoyed having the NCS team who did a marvellous job. If you would like to learn more about NCS: The Challenge see: