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Post: Mealtime volunteers required

Mealtime volunteers required

Mealtimes for our patients at are so important and it is acknowledged that good nutrition and access to food can significantly improve recovery time and return to good health.

You may be aware that the BHR Trust had previously recruited mealtime assistant volunteers to help with mealtimes on the ward.

We took a break from the programme to undertake and review and implement changes and are now relaunching the new and improved mealtime assistant programme.

At Queens hospital we are keen to recruit as many volunteers as possible to help our patients during mealtimes.  This could be helping patient prepare for mealtimes, helping with tasks such as opening packets or cutting dinners or assisting patients with feeding and drinking.  The importance of the role of mealtime assistant cannot be underestimated.

Whilst the role of mealtime assistant is a standalone role it is also one which, with the relevant training, can be incorporated into your existing roles whether this is as a ward befriender, patient experience volunteer, or even if you are a wayfinder or work on the information desk, is you would like to spend an hour on the ward assisting patients at mealtimes, we really want to hear from you.

Ultimately we would like to have volunteers available on both sites, across all wards, so that our patients are helped during a time when they most need support.

Training is available, if you are interested,  call the Volunteers Office on: 01708 503353 ext 3846