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Post: World Autism Awareness week 2017

World Autism Awareness week 2017

World Autism awareness week (27March until 2 April).

It is a time to raise awareness so that as many people as possible learn about autism.

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how someone communicates with another person.

The disability also affects how the person experiences the world around them.

This can bring many challenges for the person affected and their family and carers.

Rags is a Romford Autistic Support group formed in 2003 to help local families run by parents  who have children with  an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Debbie Shelton is the Chair of  the RAGs charity located in Harold Hill.

She joined Annette in the Bedrock studio to talk about her work within the charity and her own personal experiences.

Rags encourages everyone with Autism to reach their full potential.

They have a range of sporting activities available at Central Park Leisure Centre.

If you would like to contact Rags for more information call 01708 564871.

Jennifer Williamson interviewed Debbie.

Listen to the podcast to find out about Debbie’s personal experiences of day to day life as a parent.