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Post: Big Thank You Celebration

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Big Thank You Celebration

The BHR board of trustees invited all staff to attend the Big Thank you event on the 8th September.

Three events were planned, breakfast, afternoon tea and and  an evening party.

Staff could choose which one they wanted to attend and each one included music, food and drink.

Mathew Hopkins, Chief Executive said:  “It is a genuine thank you to all of you from all of us for the great work you do and will continue to do.”

A glamorous marquee was set up in the ice rink car park to host the events.

Mr Hopkins said:  “When I was a patient there were 3 key things I learnt.  A, to make the patient feel like we are walking the path with them with their input.  B, it is possible to have personalised care in a standardised working environment and lastly going that extra mile to make a huge difference to how the patient feels”.

He also thanked Sodexo for organising the event and many key staff members that made the day possible.

Bedrock radio provided music for the events.

BHRUT invited staff to attend the Big Thank you event on the 8th September.

Slået op af Bedrock RadioFredag den 29. september 2017

Photo credit to Daniel French.