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Post: Cycling; The anti-aging exercise?

Cycling; The anti-aging exercise?

British scientists have discovered that cycling has anti-aging effects, tests were carried out on 125 people ranging from 55 to 79 year old who are amateur cyclists. The participants were compared to healthy adults from a wider age group who didn’t exercise regularly.

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Cycling in London

Overall the cyclists where healthier, in terms of muscles and immune systems than many middle-aged adults, the cyclists showed they had preserved muscle mass, and a good immune function, as good as people upto 30 years younger who don’t exercise.

Other studies have shown cycling has many health benefits, with a study from the BMJ showing regular cycling reduced the risk of cancer and heart disease by 45% and resudced the risk of death by over 40%.

Cycling has a positive environmental impact, not just for the individuals but for everyone in our communities. Cycling helps reduce carbon emissions and pollutants in the air that threaten public health.

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