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Post: Uniting Police & Communities Together.

Uniting Police & Communities Together.

Metropolitan Police Special Constable Waheed Aslam is a man on a mission uniting Bame communities across east London and getting them to join The Met police.

The Multi lingual constable joined the force to make a difference and openly tells us ‘The Met Police is very different to what it once was.’ This special constable has dedicated his time working as a constable and doing fantastic outreach work in east area.

Listen below to The Havering Daily interview with Waheed to explain more about careers in the Police, helping unite communities. 

He told the Havering Daily: “The Met is changing, we face many challenges from ethnic groups and I’m here to show them what great job opportunities there are out there for members of the Bame community. I’m originally from Pakistan, my supervisor is the same as me. We are here to make a difference and to show our Bame family all the things they can achieve if they want to join.”

Waheed is on hand to help anyone looking to join who may have any queries, please feel free to email him and have a chat about the new apprenticeship programme.
You can email Waheed on

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First published 4/2/2021