Post: Hear Bedrock Radio in more Hospitals in East London.

Hear Bedrock Radio in more Hospitals in East London.

Bedrock Radio to replace Whipps Cross Hospital Radio in East London.


Whipps Cross Hospital Radio (WXHR) (Registered Charity 285733) has broadcast to Whipps Cross Hospital and the wider Bart’s Health Community since 1969. The well-established WXHR for many years was the leading hospital radio station in London and in the country, winning many national awards in its 50-year history. Sadly, in early 2022 volunteers of WXHR decided to close the station by the end of the year; due to technical issues, the impact of the covid-19 pandemic and, withdrawal of third-party bedside facilities.
WXHR published a short statement on their website;

Bedrock Radio (Registered charity 1180476) has taken over from Whipps Cross Hospital Radio in  providing additional hospital radio service to patients across Whipps Cross and the wider Barts Health Trust. The changes began late November 2022 and will be completed by Early January 2023.
Bedrock Radio provides a broader ‘Community Health Radio Service’ due to serving  multiple NHS Trusts spanning the East London and South Essex area.

Whipps Cross

Whipps Cross Hospital Radio was founded in 1969 by members of the Walthamstow Lions Club and began broadcasting from a shed set up on the grounds of Whipps Cross Hospital. In 1988 the station was given more permeant 4 room suite under D-Block at the hospital. In 2004 The bedside entertainment system was installed at Whipps Cross Hospital, first listening figures reported WXHR was the third most used service in the hospital and later in 2012 The bedside TV system recorded Whipps Cross Radio being the 2nd most used entertainment channel, with 72% of all patients at Whipps Cross Hospital listening to WXHR. Making it the 4th highest in the UK (when compared with figures from other hospitals using the Hospedia system).

Over the last few years, WXHR had seen other neighbouring hospital radio services close including Woodside Radio at Newham Hospital and Whitechapel AM at Royal London Hospital. leaving just two hospital radio services serving Barts Health Trust.

In 2015 the station began streaming online for the wider health community, With Whipps Cross Hospital due to be redeveloped, the Bedside TV system has been decommissioned, however WXHR was available on NHS Wi-Fi as WXHR was listed as a hospital radio service across all of Bart’s Health Trust locations, now replaced by Bedrock Radio.


The volunteers at Bedrock Radio are proud to continue the Whipps Cross Hospital Radio legacy. Our ambition is to bring familiarity to patients, staff and guests across the various NHS Trusts of BHR Hospitals, NELFT and Bart’s Health Trust, by providing our hospital / health community radio service.

With a objective of providing relief and improving health & wellbeing of local citizens, focusing on patients, staff and guests to local health services across East London & South Essex, with content being broadcast from Bedrock Radio’s studio in the  The Cornwall Suite at Queen’s Hospital, Romford.

Bedrock Radio is available on NHS WiFi across selected clinics, centres and units in North East London & South Essex including major hospitals of: Queen’s, King George, Goodmayes, Whipps Cross, Newham, Royal London, St Bartholomew’s, Mile End & Barking.

The Speakers at Whipps Cross Hospital are being switched over to Bedrock Radio in late December.


Applications to volunteer at Bedrock are welcome at;